Pellet boilers

Pellet boilers


Pellet boilers are an ideal solution for heating all types of buildings in a more eco-friendly and cost-effective way, from private homes and blocks of flats to industrial or commercial facilities. Just like conventional boilers that use fossil fuels, pellet boilers can heat both the water circulating in the radiators and water for domestic use, but with additional advantages in terms of environmental impact and savings. In fact, these boilers are designed to burn only pellets, a biofuel derived from the processing of natural wood, which is renewable and neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, pellets also cost much less than diesel oil, LPG or methane. Thanks also to the many types of government subsidies available, you will find that such an investment will pay itself back in no time.

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New Pellet boilers PK 15 Nordica Extraflame

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