Multi-fuel fireplaces

Multi-fuel fireplaces

Multi-fuel heating fireplaces are extraordinary means of heating powered by wood processing waste and agricultural residues such as pellets; chips; pomace; corn; shells and woody seeds of different fruits. A feature that comes from a winning combination for the environment: the technological innovation of the fumes and the rationalization of the production of the forestry and agri-food sectors. They are versatile and functional machines that offer a high thermal efficiency and consequently also the optimization of consumption; Added to this is additional savings because agricultural and wood waste are cheaper than other fossil fuels. The value for money is also very advantageous and some take advantage of the Thermal Account 2.0


Depending on the version, they can only be fed with pellets; wood and pellets (or combined); or use any minced fuel such as pellets, chips, shells etc. All models have a fuel storage tank and therefore ensure long heating autonomy day and night.

They can also be integrated into radiator systems (both traditional ones with radiators and floor ones) regardless of whether they are new or existing; in addition, some versions offer the opportunity to accumulate domestic hot water in a boiler so as to guarantee its constant availability for all domestic uses.

Choosing to install a multi-fuel fireplace does not mean giving up on design because the variety is so wide that you always find the right one for your environment; from the classic front fireplaces (square and panoramic 16: 9) to the corner fireplaces, with curved or prism glass, you can really indulge in both dimensions and performance. Finally, almost all of them can also be customized with customized coverings.